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Photo Mosaic Pricing

Base Mosaic Pricing starts at $2500 for up to (4) hours

​ This Includes: 

  • 50" x 50" Printed Grid Board for 625 Images 

  • Mosaic image testing to optimize the output

  • 625 printed images that make up the mosaic

  • Frame for mosaic

  • Giant lego temporary wall that will support the mosaic at the live event 

  • Unique Twitter hash-tag implementation to capture images uploaded to Twitter

  • Time-Lapse Video of the printed mosaic creation 

  • Prize locations can be added to the mosaic if desired  -  Guests would win a prize if their image is selected for that space. 

Please note this does not include other photo activation's for photo collection these are available separately. We suggest you contact us to discuss your project so we can make recommendations. 214.293.5044   CONTACT US

For all mosaic activation's please contact us so we can provide a detailed quote for your event.  

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