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Photo Mosaic's for Corporate Events

Want to increase top of mind awareness for your brand or drive engagement around your brand at live events?  The all new Photo Mosaic Wall is an amazing brand activation!  

Let the photo mosaic pros bring this technology to your next live event or trade show. We will create a printed and/or digital photo mosaic during the live event from captured photos either taken at the event,  shared on social media or sent via text to the photo mosaic wall.  


It 's fun Unique, interactive and a very special way to engage guests with your brand!   

For short events lasting up to four hours we can create a photo mosaic up to 60" wide and 40" tall with approximately 600  images.  For longer or multi-day events we can create large mosaics with thousands of images making up the mosaic.  


The final size and shape of the mosaic is determined by the base image and how long we have to capture photos that make up the mosaic. 

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Prizes - Everyone loves to win a prize!  Create more excitement around your brand by adding prize locations to your photo mosaic.  Photos that land on a prize location win!    Add as many or as few prize locations as desired and even customize each prize if desired.  Coozie, Swag-bag,  Shirt etc.. 

Photo Capture

For photo capture you have many options.  We advise using as many of these as possible to collect photos during the live event.  Here are a few ways you can capture photos.  

  • Photo Booths - Check out the Magic-Mirror and the Roaming Ring.  These both make excellent add-ons to any event and the photos can be used in the background for the photo mosaic.

  • SMS Text -  Guests can use their mobile devices to text a photo to the photo mosaic wall. We can provide signs to tell them how to become part of the mosaic with the text phone number. 

  • Social Media -  We can monitor Twitter for images posted using a unique hashtag and they will become part of the photo mosaic.  

  • DSLR Photography -  We can import images taken with a Digital camera 

  • Past images We suggest you provide older images that are meaningful on a USB thumb drive.  We will import these into the application to become part of the photo mosaic . 

Photo Mosaics are perfect for trade shows, re-branding,  new products Launch,  sales kickoffs,  PR events,  Music Festivals, Fairs, Grand Openings and much much more... 

Book your Photo Mosaic for that Special Private event today!  

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