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Interactive Live Event Activation's that Guests Love!

Photo Mosaic Brand Activation Technology






Photo Mosaic Example 

Click to see Ultra High Resolution version 

Animated Digital Photo Mosaic 

This is an example of a mosaic made up of  1258  images.  The images are a combination of live event photos and images from a social media hash-tag.  The printed size of this image would be  8 feet wide X  5 feet tall.  


Amazing Photo Mosaics

We create both printed and digital photo mosaics in real-time at your live event.  Photo mosaics can be created in as little as a few or multiple days events.  The finished size of your photo mosaic is determined by the amount of time available for photo collection and and construction of the printed photo mosaic.   Photo mosaics are perfect for weddings, bat mitzvahs, trade shows, corporate events and much much more...  

Digital or physical picture mosaic wall murals made up of 100’ or 1000’s of images either taken on-site and/or uploaded from mobile devices via SMS text or social media.  Excellent for single events or multi-day engagements.


It all starts with

Your vision! 


With a bit of magic, our amazing technology analyzes each image in milliseconds to determine the best location in the mural. 


Printed photo mosaics are created on-site.  Photos  are printed on-site with an adhesive back with a row and column so it can be placed precisely where it needs to go to become part of the picture mosaic.  


The digital photo mosaic with animations can be displayed on any device with a unique URL.  As photos are integrated into the photo mosaic they are uploaded to the cloud and can viewed from any internet connected device.  This means you could have a regional or global photo mosaic .


Photo Mosaic

Photo Mosaic

Watch Now


We manage the entire process 

From design, creation, testing, optimization and execution at the live event our team will make this easy for you! 


We will handle the photo stations, roaming photographers,  social media photo feeds, the wall for the photo mosaic, printing the photos, and creating the animated digital photo mosaic live feed.    

Include PRIZES

Increase engagement!   Your picture mosaic can include prize locations so that when a guests photo lands in a designated row and column they win a PRIZE!   Yeah!   



If  desired each photo can be reviewed and approved before becoming part of the photo mosaic. 

Photos can also be removed and replaced if required

Amazing software! 

The latest software with an amazing algorithm analyses each photo in milliseconds to determine the best location in the photo mosaic. 

Cloud Photo Mosaic 

As photos are gathered we are creating a animated digital photo mosaic in the cloud that can be viewed from any connected device 

  Photo Capture 

We offer many ways to capture photos for the mosaic.  We suggest that you use multiple methods when possible.  

  • NEW!  Text to Mosaic Wall - We will provide a dedicated phone number so that event guests can text a photo from their phone 

  • Twitter #hash-tag  - Invites guests to post photos on Twitter with a unique #hashtag to become part of the  Photo Mosaic.  

  • Roaming Light Ring -  This device was created just for the Photo Mosaic.  We roam the party taking photos which can immediately be shared via text and in the background they also become part of the Photo Mosaic. 

  • Photo Booths - We can provide many other types of photo activation's that can be used with the Photo Mosaic Wall. 

Digital or Physical 

Digital is amazing as you watch in real-time as photos from the live event become part of the mosaic.  


The physical wall becomes a framed work of art that can be displayed year round.  


Guests receive printed photos from the photo stations and share them digitally as well.  

Data capture and analytics are available. 

Flexible Sizes

The size of the photo mosaic is determined by available time we have to collect photos and construct the printed photo mosaic. From small to gigantic the options are yours.   You can have a mosaic that is 60" x 40" made up of  600 images that are 2" square (25 x 25) or go big with an image that is 9' long by 6' high that contain 1,944 2" square images.   

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